Talinda Bennington, the widow of Chester Bennington, has posted some music online from the late singer's 21-year-old son Jaime, tweeting, "Our son Jaime is as talented as his father." She then linked to his new four-song EP, Reveries 4, which features piano based compositions.

Jaime is the eldest child of Chester Bennington. His mother is Elka Brand. Of his music, Jaime says, "To be honest, I ran out of ideas and I most definitely ran out of motivation. But I’m back and I have come bearing gifts! Below are the next installments of my Reveries compositions. This time around I have gone the whole nine yards to construct a collection of pieces, rather than one big one (although there is a lengthy piece at the end)."

Jaime explained that his inspiration behind the pieces, which can be heard below, was noted 20th Century Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich, which he says he "cultivated over the last six months through the systematic consumption of every symphony, brooding string quartet and whimsical piano solo."

Bennington's death less than a month ago (July 20). Six of the albums by the band have reached either platinum or multi-platinum status.

Minutes To Midnight was certified four times platinum, having previously been certified double platinum in November 2007. A Thousand Suns was certified platinum, after previously gone gold in January 2011. Hybrid Theory has been certified eleven times platinum, having previously received a diamond award, indicating 10 times platinum, in January 2005. Living Things has been certified platinum, following its gold certification in April 2013. Meteora was certified seven times platinum, after having been certified four times platinum in February 2004. And the band's collaboration with rapper Jay-Z, Collision Course, was certified double platinum, having last been certified platinum in July 2005.

Jaime Bennington, Reveries Op. 1, No. 4

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