The editor-in-chief of Thrasher Magazine, Jake Phelps, has died at 56. He passed away yesterday (March 14), the cause of his death has not yet been revealed.

Phelps was the editor of Thrasher for 26 years and was heavily involved in the skateboarding community. Tony Vitello, founder of Thrasher's son confirmed his death in a post on instagram saying, "Jake Phelps was 100% skateboarder, but that label sells him way too short, because beyond his enormous influence in our world, he was truly an individual beyond this world."

He continues, "But most of you reading this now identified primarily with Jake Phelps the skateboarder, and editor of our magazine, so I will leave you with this truth — I never met anybody who loves anything more than Jake worshipped skateboarding. Just as we need food and water to survive, Jake needed skateboarding to keep his blood pumping. It was more than a hobby or form of transportation or way of life - it was his oxygen." Read the full post below.

Phelps' uncle also posted a statement on Facebook.

Thrasher was founded in 1981 and covers skateboarding and the culture surrounding it, including music-related features.

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