Cardi B is coming to the Sun City. Probably to make good on her canceling at Neon Desert last year. That's actually pretty cool on her part. She's set to perform at the EP County Coliseum on Tuesday, May 21st- which falls on the same day as New Kids on the Block bring their Mixtape Tour to the Don Haskins Center. But while she's a recent Grammy winner, many of you were not impressed. In fact, many were downright savage on the announcement!

Some of you really really don't want her to come to the 915!

Okay, but I don't see why you gotta bash the Northeast. I'm from the Northeast- I mean I'm going to want to go for sure, but I don't like the tone this comment was written in!

While I understand, Cardi B is not everyone the amount of hate was at an all time high. And it reminded me that the last time I saw this much hate was back in December when we announced that Slayer, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse would be coming to EP. I couldn't tell if the people commenting were unhappy about the concert announcement or they were happy but just bitter? These were some of my favorite responses:

Okay, we get it!

In conclusion, you can't make everyone happy. El Paso, what makes you happy?! Go to the shows or don't go to the shows, either way, they're going to happen, unless someone gets pregnant again.

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