It's interesting how so many things that are wrong can be believed just because people are willing to believe things that are passed by word of mouth. Well, thanks to the Internet, we're able to fact check some things.

  1. March 17th was the day he died, not his birthday.
  2. St. Patrick was not Irish. He was born in Roman Britain.
  3. He is the primary patron saint of Ireland, but he didn't necessarily bring Christianity to Ireland. Pope Celestine reportedly send a bishop by the name of Palladius "to the Irish believing in Christ."
  4. One theory believes that St. Patrick is an amalgum of two men. Palladius and the deacon's song who first visited Ireland as a slave.
  5. St. Patrick had nothing to do with Ireland being snake free.
  6. When you think of St. Patrick's Day and Ireland, you think of the color green. But, St. Patrick wore a color known as St. Patrick's blue.
  7. They do celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, but it hasn't always been the way it is today.
    1. St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in Ireland with a feast. Not a huge party.
    2. It was the Irish here in the United States that started the parades and parties.
    3. But they do shut down almost the entire city of Dublin for St. Patrick's Day. Some shops are open for a few hours, but it's mostly just the bars that are open.
  8. Corned beef and cabbage is more of a United States thing. In Ireland, it's cured pork.

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