Whitesnake are getting ready to release their upcoming album Flesh & BloodFrontman David Coverdale recently spoke with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez about the record and shared some nostalgic stories as well, particularly that of the famous Jaguar in the "Here I Go Again" video, which he almost sold. Listen to the audio of the full interview above.

"What happened to sexy cars?" Coverdale jokes. "That car could get laid on its own." Unfortunately, the singer doesn't do much driving in it at all. "It's been in storage for 30 years. Actually, it was such an iconic situation - there was a guy many, many years ago, 25 years ago who was negotiating with me to buy it for the Hard Rock franchise," recalled Coverdale. "I thought that would be cool, because even though it's in storage, it still costs me money!"

"Unfortunately, he passed away, and I don't think the Hard Rock franchise really took on anymore of buying expensive stuff from Gene Simmons, you know?" he continues. The car's stardom was brought back to life when it was featured in the recent "Shut Up & Kiss Me" music video (see below).

"The good news is, I can still get into the raw silk jacket!" Coverdale reassures. "The first idea was to park it outside a mall because everybody knows the car Toni, it's astonishing! So all the extras we brought in, friends of friends of friends, they all wanted pictures with the car! It was hilarious. And I looked at Tyler, my director and went, 'All you have to do is just take your shoes off, girls.'" Out of fear that the car would be wrecked by people, they decided to do it in a more intimate environment.

Clearly the car's legacy has brought a lot of attention to the video as it currently has over 940,000 views within its first month of being released. "Which for a classic rock act is pretty special," Coverdale adds. "I looked in the dictionary under the word ecstatic, and there's a picture of my two guys at Frontiers Records."

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