On this edition of The After Buzz I talk about:

  • Impractical Jokers and the kid wanting to "play jokers" which means she wants to recreate what she sees on the show. This involved her saying "Hey Dad, what's on TV?" Then slapping my back with a sticker. If that wasn't obvious enough, when she would walk away she'd go "I put a sticker on your back!" We clearly need to work on her prankster side.
  • I talk more about people being offended by TV shows, and asking for them to be pulled because they believe it promotes something simply because it covers a certain topic.
  • And I also clue everyone into why we aren't saying "El Paso" on the morning show. The short version is out boss believes we're too El Paso centric for the other markets we're in. So we've decided, we're going to say "Abilene, San Angelo, and the city in which we live."

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