A judge in Texas lost his re-election bid in Tuesday's midterms so he let Juvenile defendants go as long as they "don't kill anyone." A Republican Harris County judge shocked people by letting young criminal defendants go after he lost his in his midterm re-election. The ACLU is now calling for an investigation. The 2018 midterms were a historical win for the local judicial race in Houston, Texas after all 19 African-American women who ran for judicial seats won. This was the single biggest victory for black women in the country's history and the historic win has been making headlines around the country. Someone who wasn't excited about this historic win? 313th District Court Judge Glenn Devlin. Judge Devlin and all of his Republican colleagues all lost in the sweeping win for Democrats in the county.

Judge Devlin showed his displeasure for the election by releasing nearly all the defendants who came through his courtroom on Wednesday. During hearings, he asked the defendants an odd question- "If I release you, will you go out and murder anybody?" If the defendant's answer was no, public defender Steve Halpert said the individual was let go. Halpert said this isn't a question he would normally hear from Judge Devlin. Halpert said he also heard Judge Devlin say to some defendants that "this is what people voted for." The juveniles were released and included some who were accused of violent crimes, like aggravated robbery. The defendants were all released to their families until their next court date January 4th, when the newly elected Democratic Judge Natalia Oakes takes over. Judge Devlin hasn't commented on the happenings Wednesday in his courtroom.

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