A Fort Worth man had his vanity license revoked after it was deemed "inappropriate." Jerry Balkenbush says he wanted to send a message about President Donald Trump with a new vanity plate he ordered from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles back in 2019. In November, his new plates came in that read "JAIL 45." Less than a month after having his plates, he received a notice from the Texas DMV that they would be revoking his new plates, according to the Texas Tribune.

A letter sent by the Texas DMV to Balkenbush stated that there was a complaint about his vanity plate which prompted a review. The letter stated that the DMV "prohibits derogatory language" and the plate fell under that classification. Balkenbush voiced his frustration on Facebook and said that he would be appealing the cancellation of his plate as high up the court system as necessary.

The Texas DMV approves about 1,000 vanity plates each week, per the Texas Tribune, while hundreds every month are rejected for being inappropriate. Some of those inappropriate plates include sayings like "NUDES" and "GAS SLUT." While these plates are never approved or mad,e it is rare to see a vanity plate being revoked. Read more about this story at the Texas Tribune website.

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