A teenager in Texas put out a tweet after his father was sad because there was little business the opening day for his donut shop. Then Twitter magic took over. Twitter has been known as a place filled with trolls and hilarious memes, but one Texan used the platform to gather a little sympathy, then some major business for his father. On Thursday, Billy's Donuts opened up in Missouri City, Texas and the owner waited eagerly to greet his customers. The building even had a bright "Grand Opening" sign out front, to let people know they were open for business. Sadly, the business didn't come on that first day, and the owner's son Billy By made a plea out to the Twitterverse regarding the empty shop:

The tweet quickly went viral, with people near and far retweeting the message and asking for others in the area to come by and support the local store. By the end of the day and throughout the rest of the weekend, Billy's Donuts was jampacked with people waiting in a long line for their chance to greet the owner and purchase some of his delicious pastries. The tweet even got the attention of the local media, with Fox 26 in Houston swinging by to try out the pastry and interview the owner's son Billy By. After all the viral success, you know the people at Twitter even had to stop by to congrats the family on their success and try some of the delicious donuts:

A quick look on Yelp shows that the shop isn't new, but the location is. The original shop has been around for years with the Daily Mail finding some 5-star reviews from all the way back in 2014. Maybe the clientele just needed some direction as to where their favorite donut shop moved to, but now that they know they'll be back. The shop has now a steady flow of business coming in and Billy's father is very happy.

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