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Everyone knows the saying "everything’s bigger in Texas," and Texans aren’t afraid to really play that little stereotype up.

A perfect example of Texas taking advantage of this saying is often seen with food. Many restaurants have those massive food challenges that are nearly impossible to complete, and brands will use the term "Texas-sized" to describe just how big something is.

Along with the Texas-sized items, we also love our Texas-shaped items. We've got Texas waffles, skillets, plates, and so much more. I thought I had seen pretty much every Texas-shaped item out there, but I was recently proven wrong.

I came across a video on TikTok showing some Texas-shaped chicken nuggets that someone bought at a grocery store. I definitely wasn’t surprised to see nuggets in the shape of the Lone Star State, considering we have dinosaur nuggets and other fun shapes. However, I was shocked by the size of the nuggets. They were so big that I don’t even think they qualify as a nugget; they're more like chicken patties.

In the video TikTok user @angzapata5 posted, you can see that the nugget takes up almost her entire hand. When looking closer at the bag, you can also see that it says "Texas-Sized Nuggets" on it. Even though it clearly suggests they will be big, I still don’t think the person that posted the video was prepared for just how big they really are.

I did a quick search to see where you can buy these monstrous nuggets, and it looks like they're available at HEB, as well as some other online retailers.

I wonder if they're actually any good. I feel like the breading to chicken ratio might be a little off, but I could be wrong. Either way, they better be delicious if they're trying to perfectly represent the spirit of Texas.

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