Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Austin-based Playa Real Tequila is offering two new fruit-infused flavors. Check out the new, citrusy selections here. Fruit-infused spirits aren't a new concept but the market has seen more and better quality options become available. Austin-based Deep Eddy vodka has a wide variety of flavors, with their grapefruit and cranberry-flavored vodkas the best selling in the US. Now, a new tequila company from Austin is looking to leave their mark with their traditional silver, mandarin and pineapple-infused tequilas.

Playa Real tequila is the brainchild of Matt Davis, husband to Kendra Scott, of the multi-million dollar fashion and jewelry empire Kendra Scott, LLC. One of the interesting qualities of Playa Real tequila is that even though the spirit is infused with a bright fruit, the liquor is still clear. Davis told Austin 360 the company chose to keep the tequila clear on purpose,

"Nobody has done an 80-proof flavored tequila with all-natural flavoring and kept the liquid clear, so I feel like we’re in a category all our own with that. That’s what makes us different and what I hope consumers will start to appreciate as well. We had a lot of failure at first. There was a lot of back and forth and testing until the flavor was right, the color was right, the clarity was right. One thing about having a clear vodka is that you can sip it, shoot it or mix it, and we want people to be able to do that with our tequila. With a certain color, you might not mix it with certain things. You want it to look pretty. The functionality of mixing it without any adverse effects of coloring, that was important to us."

This is also a good thing for those who are trying to cut calories, while still enjoying a night on the town. Tequila is one of the healthiest drinking options out there, so adding it to a low calorie mixer can mean a less guilty night of imbibing. So this Cinco de Mayo, you can enjoy a tequila with soda, or even a margarita and try one of Playa Real tequila's flavors to give your night a unique twist. Or even just enjoy the liquor as a straight shot, and don't worry about getting the orange slice. Your tequila has you covered.

Playa Real tequila is now a part of Republic National Distributing Company's product roster and will start to become available at more restaurants and liquors stores in the state. You can read more about Playa Real tequila at the Austin 360 website.

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