It's been almost 14 years since the Chicago Cubs took on the Florida Marlins in the National League Championship Series. Fourteen years since that infamous game 6 that Cub fans, and more importantly, Steve Bartman would like to forget. Well, the Chicago Cubs are doing good by Steve Bartman by hooking him up with a real World Series ring.

In case you forgot, Bartman was the guy who reached out for a foul ball that could have been caught. Okay, maybe you didn't forget about that part. What about the part where the Cubs give up EIGHT runs in one inning to lose game 6, AND ALL OF GAME 7 that they could have won to make it to the World Series?

Did the Bartman play add to the lore of the Curse of the Goat? Of course it did. But Bartman did not cost the Cubs a trip to the World Series in 2003. It was a freak play that unfortunately cost a man a chance at a normal life.

If you would like to watch a great documentary about Bartman and the Cubs, head HERE.

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