You've probably heard by now that Microsoft has announced that their Paint software won't come preinstalled on new Windows computers. Although Paint won't be included as part of the next Windows update, it's not really going away. While it's possible that Microsoft may decide to dump Paint permanently at some point in the future, for the time being it will still be available to download from the Windows Store for free. And, of course, it's not going to be automatically removed from the machine you're currently using.

When our very own technophobe Luddite Buzz Adams heard that MS Paint was going away he was excited. Excited because he never knew there was such software on his computer to begin with. Yes, in 30-plus years of Windows, Buzz was never curious or experimental enough to try to use MS Paint. Oh, he might have been vaguely aware that there was something called Paint on his computer, in the same way that he was vaguely aware that there was something called Minesweeper on there too.

In this video, Buzz Adams uses Microsoft Paint ... a technology so archaic and outdated that it's only in the news because it going away. It's fascinating, really, in much the same way that watching an uncontacted tribe of New Guineans seeing a cigarette lighter for the first time would be.


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