The elusive 2 million dollar treasure chest of New Mexico's Forrest Fenn may have claimed a 3rd life.

A dying man's wish, a hidden treasure and the wild west-

This is the backstory for a modern-day treasure hunt happening right now deep in the heart of New Mexico. At least we think it's deep in the heart. Truth be told no one really know where the hidden Forrest Fenn treasure is located and many have tried to find it. For six years treasure hunters, adventure seekers, outdoorsmen and more have tried and failed at located the treasure chest worth an estimated 2 million dollars. Tragically, even two men have perished looking for the treasure chest, and possibly a third last week.

31 year-old Eric Ashby actually moved to Colorado in April of 2016 in hopes of located the treasure. Ashby and four friends were rafting in the Arkansas river on June 28th when the raft overturned. Ashby's friends were able to swim to shore and escape. After, the ran and no one called emergency crews to help Ashby. His friends and family say they are holding those four individuals accountable for what happened to Ashby. On July 28th, Colorado State Park and Wildlife officers said human remains were found near the place where Ashby was last seen. They are working to identify those remains now.

While some are eager to go out and continue searching for the treasure, others are saying it is time for Fenn to call the search off. Over 65,000 people have gone out and attempted to find the hidden treasure but no one has succeeded yet. Fenn says that too many people have been looking for this treasure for years and he doesn't think it would be fair to shut it down.

In 2015, Fenn released the newest clue about the treasure, saying that the treasure chest is wet. Happy hunting.

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