The Texas State Fair is known for it's odd foods. Most of them involve frying. It kicks off n September 29th, and they just released some of this year's new items you'll be able to get.

  1. Beer battered beef jerky. This is one I would LOVE to try. It could be a train wreck and taste horrible. But I at least want to try it.
  2. Fried Texas dirt. I'm guessing "dirt" is crushed Oreos or something similar.
  3. Deep fried breakfast cupcake.
  4. Funnel cake bacon queso burger.
  5. Deep fried chicken noodle soup on a stick. Um, I honestly just want to know how in the world this one is done.
  6. Deep fried Froot Loops.
  7. Oreo beer.
  8. Tamale donuts. We talked about this one on the air and we aren't too sure what this one is. Is it more tamale or donut?
  9. Fried redneck wedding cake balls.
  10. Fat smooth.  That's all the info I've been able to find on this one so far. It's just called "fat smooth."

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