It's been going on for over 50 years. Super Bowl Sunday. It just rolls off the tongue so easily. But what about this... Super Bowl Saturday...

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? But if they were to move he game to Saturday, it would certainly solve a lot of problems we have here in the United States. Like people just not showing up for work on the Monday after the game.

In a recent survey, HR managers were given 6 major events, and they had to choose which one they thought should get it's own holiday. They were given the option to say none of them should be a holiday, but honestly, I'd bet the answers would be different if you just presented them the question of "should the day after the Super Bowl be a holiday." Listed next to the event below is the percent of HR managers that said it should get a holiday:

  • Super Bowl - 72%
  • NBA Finals - 5%
  • The Oscars - 2%
  • The World Cup - 2%
  • The Stanley Cup - 2%
  • The World Series - 1%

So what percent said none of them should be a holiday? 17%

Seriously, why has the NFL not looked into moving the Super Bowl to Saturday. It solves so many problems. Just look at these stats.

  • 32% of people have shown up late to work the day after a major sporting event.
  • 27% have flat out called in sick.
  • And on average, we waste 27 minutes a day on sports-related activities in the lead-up to a major sporting event.


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