The late Queen of Tejano's brother Abraham has landed himself on Corpus Christi, Texas' Most Wanted List.

People were given quite a shock when they saw a familiar name on the Corpus Christi Most Wanted List: Selena's brother Abraham Quintanilla III. In a Facebook post by the Nueces County Sheriff's Office A.B., as he's known, was named one of their August Top 10 Fugitives. There is a warrant out for his arrest for almost $90,000 worth of unpaid child support and contempt of court. A.B. Quintanilla is known for being a member of Selena y los Dinos and his other groups Los Kumbia Kings and Elektro Kumbia. The 53 year-old has 8 children.

According to KRIS TV, Quintanilla owes money for one of his children dating back to 2012. From 2012 to 2015, he allegedly only made a handful of payments and was ordered to pay almost $37,000. Paperwork obtained by the Texas Attorney General's Office showed that the last payment made by the musician was less than $20 back in September of 2015.

After the news of Quintanilla's name on the Most Wanted List, many started asking why he was included on a list that had crimes including sexual assault child, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon and more heinous crimes. The Corpus Christi Caller Times spoke with Nueces County Sheriff's Office's spokesperson Lt. Ashley Isaac to see how they came up with the list:

"Usually we look at family violence... aggravated assault, murder, sex offenses and then we'll go down the line to burglaries. We like to reserve room for at least two child support cases, and here lately, we'll pick a good one and go from there."

Since the news broke, Quintanilla shut down his social media and his father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., when contacted by news outlets told them to contact his son's lawyer.

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