Talk about #RelationshipGoals. A Lubbock couple celebrated their 62nd anniversary surround by love; they had each other and Whatabuger! Denora and Billy Joe Morman, better knows as Danny and B.J., got married in 1957 when she was 17 and he was 21. The couple, who love to spend time together, love to spend that time at their local Whataburger.

To say that the cute couple are regulars at their Lubbock Whataburger is an understatement, they make their way to the restaurant twice a day. EVERY. DAY! So when employees took notice that the couple's 62nd anniversary was coming up, they knew they had to step up their game and help the couple celebrate in a special way. Complete with a special VIP table with a Whataburger tablecloth, flowers, balloons and a lovey picture of the couple, employees brought out a cake to celebrate their most loyal customers.

Whatacouple! So what does the happy couple order when they make their daily trip? They get chicken strips and a Whataburger with extra veggies every time, except when they make it to breakfast on Saturday mornings. Then, Danny gets scrambled eggs and bacon and B.J. orders pancakes with sausage. If this has taught us anything about love it's this: find someone who loves Whataburger as much as you do!

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