State Fair's all over the country are known for making some of the craziest and wackiest food. Sometimes the food is genius! Sometimes it was better to never attempt that dish. But how do you feel about this idea- Oreo Beer?

There's always the most insane combinations at the State Fair, from fried Jell-O, funnel cake bacon queso burgers, deep fried chicken noodle soup to whatever the heck a Fat Smooth is. But this year not only are they bringing the crazy food, they also have a crazy new craft beer.

The Oreo Beer is from Barrera's and is an American milk stout garnished with an cream filling rim coated in crushed oreos and an entire Oreo. How does the beer taste? The stout has hints of roasted coffee with vanilla, brown sugar and cream flavors together.

Out of all the wacky food on the menu for the Texas State Fair this year, this is an item I would love to try! Some people who tried the item said they loved it, while others said they're glad they tried it but wouldn't get it again. Hey, at least it sounds like it tastes better than the mystery Oreo.

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