Political advertisements seen on TV are always stirring up controversy for their message but not usually for the language used in them. An Albuquerque City Councilman who is running for a Democratic Congressional Primary spot is making headlines for his political ad which starts out with an F-bomb.

Pat Davis is a congressional district 1 candidate starts off his 15 second with the statement, "Fuck the NRA." While Davis says being polite "hasn't gotten us anywhere," his opponents say this is all a publicity stunt. For viewers, the television station wants them to be aware that the political ad will be running in its entirety. And that includes the F-bomb. News station KRQE's General Manager Bill Anderson released a statement on the controversial political advertisement,

"We received a request for air time from a legitimate federal candidate for office, and according to federal election rules we are required to give him the same access as his opponents. This station, by law, is not permitted to censor or in any way edit this commercial. What we can control however, is the 15 seconds of air time preceding it, which we will use to warn the viewer of a possible offense, explain our own views, and cite the federal laws imposed on candidates and tv stations."

You can see more about the controversy surrounding this ad in the KRQE video above, and see the political ad below.

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