Leave it to Ferrari to make the hybrid car phenomenon seem more panties-dropper than tree-hugger. The Enzo, which is totally into pulling a three-way with gas and electric power, always seemed like one of those concept cars that was more of an oddball pet project of some self-indulgent engineer than something that would ever pull up next to us on the road.

Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo announced in a recent financial report that the Enzo is a real thing that could possibly come out this year.

There aren’t any details about pricing or how big of a production run the ride will merit, but that’s OK, because who are we kidding? The only way we’ll actually get to ever drive one of these things is if we marry over our heads or finally hear back from that valet temp gig at the country club we’re always applying for.

One thing’s for sure about the Enzo — If we ever got to own one, we’d blow any gas money savings it would provide by cruising around in it for an obscene amount of time, making sure everyone possible saw that we were behind the wheel.

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