How did cottage cheese get its name? If you know the answer, you are in the minority because on 17% of people know. On the flip side, if you love cottage cheese, you are in the majority, as 71% of Americans love it. But where did the name come from? Well, here are some of the wrong answers that people thought were true, courtesy of PR Newswire.

  • "Cottage" is French for "curds and whey" . . . 37%.
  • Cheese curds are also known as cottages . . . 19%.
  • It originated in Cottage, England . . . 14%.  There's no such place, by the way.
  • It was named after its creator, Harold Cottage . . . 7%.
  • It's produced by cows who live indoors in cottages . . . 5%.

The real answer? It was originally made in small country cottages using the milk that was left over from making butter.

I am in the majority that loves cottage cheese. But don't put anything in it. My mom does that sh*t, where she puts fruit in it. Gross. It's already lumpy milk, leave it be.

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