Meet 52-year-old Richard Wilson Preston. He is the self-described "Grand Wizard" of a KKK group in Baltimore. He also says people have the wrong idea about the Klan.

"We really want people to understand that the Klan is not an organization that is only bent on violence. We are a Christian organization that doesn't promote hate and violence."

Well, Grand Wizard Peace and Harmony has been arrested for an incident at the "Unite the Right" hate rally back on August 12 when Preston was caught on video firing his gun at a counter-protester. The counter-protester, whom Preston called "The N Word" before firing, was using an aerosol can as a makeshift torch.

Mr. Preston will be transferred from Maryland to face charges in Virginia on the felony gun count. Who knows, maybe he'll get to be the cell-mate of "The Weepy Nazi", who cried on camera after finding out he would be arrested (and after he was kicked off the dating website OK Cupid).

Here's a couple of things I'd like you to think about while watching this video: The President has said that there were "many fine people" on both sides of the protests. If you really were a "fine person" and you mistakenly showed up at a neo-Nazi/KKK rally, wouldn't you have shied away once you started hearing the people on "your side" chanting about Jews and using the N word? If you really were a "fine person" wouldn't you have considered either leaving or even switching over to the other side.

The other thing that always mystifies me about white supremacists is this: take a look at Grand Wizard Preston and his fellow marchers/fellow travelers. Is there anything about this group of chubby, gimpy-legged, hunch-backed losers that makes you think, "Yep. That's what the master race looks like for sure."? I'm not saying I look all that great myself but I don't go around claiming that I'm genetically superior either.

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