The premise of this challenge is that we're going to take turns reading "Dad Jokes" that we found on-line. TO BE CLEAR: we're not taking credit (or blame) for any of these jokes. We didn't write them. We just found them. We also didn't come up with the idea. We found it from the guys at at All Def Digital. They've done a crap-ton of these videos.

The challenge is to see who can make the other one laugh first. It's all about the delivery of the joke. As it goes on, it morphs into an Insult Off to see who can keep from laughing as we hit each other with our best insults.

For the Dad Joke portion, I'm using jokes that I found mostly on Reddit. Nico is using 4Chan jokes. Both of these are seedy neighborhoods of the internet where the dregs of society congregate. May the best message board win!

On top of that, some of the other members of the show tried their hands at the challenge, with vayring results. So here are the outtakes of their attempts.

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