Every thought to yourself, "Man, I would totally watch some chick go looking for a sperm donor!"  The ever classy FOX network has the show, tentatively called Labor of Love, currently in development.

If you're like me you're probably thinking, "Finding a sperm donor? I thought that's what Bachelor in Paradise is about". Well, in the case of Labor of Love, the whole point is to attain the goal of Motherhood.

There are several questions that come up when contemplating this kind of show. Are we trivializing the important decision to have children? Has FOX found a new low? Most importantly, will America watch a show about women so unattractive that they can't find a "sperm donor" the old-fashioned way?

We'll keep you posted on this. In the meantime, I have a few suggestions for the title all of which are much better than Labor of Love.

  • Impractical Jerkers
  • Say Yes to the Mess
  • Stickiest Catch
  • Undercover Toss
  • Palm Stars
  • Splotched
  • Little Money Shots
  • I Am Jizz
  • The Vanilla Icing Project
  • Last Chance Goo
  • The Spank Bank
  • Man Versus Spooge
  • Zero Kids and Counting
  • The Dong Whisperer
  • Party Down South
  • Good Things Come in Small Sample Cups
  • Celebrity Fap Club
  • Hand or Pump Rules
  • Spunk'd
  • Outback Jack-off
  • Dick Dynasty

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