Hurricane Harvey has left Texas with life-threatening and catastrophic floods. Find out how you can help here.

Hurricane Harvey has now been downgraded to a tropical storm but that doesn't mean that the worst is over. During the hurricane winds reached 130 mph and on Saturday over 300,000 people were without power with some hard-hit communities saying it could be weeks before power is restored. In Houston alone, experts believe there will be the potential for $20 billion dollars worth of damage to the city. And forecasters are warning that more rain and flooding is on the way, with officials stating that over 30,000 people will be forced into shelters until the flood waters recede. Even after that, then the clean up will begin.

With all the devastation and destruction on the other side of our state, many want to know how they can help. Whether through monetary donations, supplies or even blood there are ways you can make a difference. Here are some ways that you can donate and help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts:

The American Red Cross helped more than 1,800 people who stayed in 34 shelters during the storm and subsequent flooding. Red Cross volunteers are on the ground now in Texas with enough supplies for 28,000 people and they are working to send supplies for another 22,000 more. They have also mobilized 150 vehicles and tractor trailers with Ready-To-Eat meals, kitchen and cleaning supplies, comfort kits and more. Find out more about the American Red Cross relief efforts at their website.

The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services arm of the charity has been mobilized to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Salvation Army of Florida has already mobilized disaster service professionals as well as equipment including bunkhouses, shower trailers, generators and work utility trucks. They also say that they're preparing for the largest mass feeding in U.S. history due to this flooding. Mobile kitchens have been deployed and others are preparing to be deployed. Please designate that your donation is for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Read more about their efforts at their website.

Austin Pets Alive have already received about 300 animal evacuees from Hurricane Harvey hit areas, and expect more as roads reopen and more animals are rescued. The no-kill animal shelter is looking for various donations but also are asking for people out of the area to give monetary donations to help.

The Texas Diaper Bank is a non-profit organization that helps provide diapers to infants, children with disabilities and the elderly. The bank works with over 25 non-profit agencies in Texas. They said that they are accepting monetary donations from people who are out of the area.

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