If there's anyone who's learned a thing or three about bicycle safety, it's Buzz Adams. After a motorized bicycle crash claimed his front three teeth, Buzz has learned the hard way that you have to take safety seriously.

For instance, don't get on a bike after you've taken a bunch of pills designed to help you sleep. Did you know they write that warning right on the f#&*ing bottle? Insane!

But more than anything else, Buzz wants to protect our youth. By reminding them of the dangers of riding with a bicycle helmet, he hopes that an entire generation of kids won't grow up to become friendless pansies by wearing something a poindexter helmet while you ride.

Our children are our most valuable resources, and in the end, what's more important? Your dignity or your teeth? Buzz's words will echo in your head long after the images of broken teeth subside from your mind.

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