Twenty eight years ago the song Dr. Feelgood was released and then just a few days later on September 1st, 1989 the album Dr. Feelgood hit stores. It was the first album since the band's quest for sobriety and rehabilitation. It's not only the best selling album by Motley Crue, but it's the best reviewed and most critically acclaimed album.

The album has gone 6X platinum in the United States (over 6,000,000 albums sold). It also reached number one on the Billboard Top 200. Plus, it gave us not only the song Dr. Feelgood, but also the track Kickstart My Heart, which Sixx had written after he nearly died. Although he apparently he was actually dead for a couple of minutes, before paramedics brought him back with an adrenaline shot. (Video courtesy of Rock Entertainment TV).

Dr. Feelgood video courtesy of wimpyliberalbuster62.

Kickstart My Heart video courtesy of Motley Crue VEVO.



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