Diners at a restaurant in Texas understandably freaked out after a snake was found wrapped up in a ceiling fan in the middle of the dining room. It's many people's worst nightmare, enjoying a delicious dinner with family and friends when all of sudden you look up and see a slithery, scaly unwelcome diner. That's what happened to diners at the Backyard Bar and Grill in Waco, Texas in a shocking video caught by fellow diner Amy Palacios. In the video you see two employees attempting to get the snake off the fan by slowly uncurling the reptile while rotating the fan. After successfully removing the snake from the fan, diners can be heard shrieking when it finally comes off, but not before biting one of the heroic men. Thankfully, the snake in the video is a nonvenomous chicken snake.  Thankfully the woman who took the video said the man was fine after being bitten. Checking out the video below.

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