State Rep. Joe Moody has made headlines for his new appointment in the State House of Reps but we all should really be pointing out his awesome tie too. El Paso's State Representative Joe Moody was chosen as the speaker pro tempore for the Texas State House of Representatives. This is a huge opportunity and a first for someone from El Paso, no one from the region has been chosen as the pro tempore before, according to CBS 4 Local. Rep. Moody tweeted out his appreciation to Texas State House Speaker Rep. Dennis Bonnen, who chose Moody for the position.

After his appointment at the capitol, Rep. Moody paused to take photos and State Rep. Diego Bernal of San Antonio tweeted out a photo of Moody's tie of choice for the event. He even captioned the photo with an iconic Biggie verse:

The picture is now getting shared on Twitter with many loving Rep. Moody's fashion statement for the occasion. It also opened up the perfect opportunity to use Notorious B.I.G. lyrics to discuss their feelings about Rep. Moody's tie:

I think we all agree with Rep. Bernal's comment that "it's going to be a good session." Let's hope Texans!

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