Even though you've seen both forms of the lowercase G, you may not be able to write both down. The morning show tried, and failed miserably. Can you? You may not realize it, but ever since you started reading , there have been two lowercase versions of the letter "G" that you've seen. A new study shows that even though you've seen both, you probably only know how to draw one. The two versions are the "open tail," usually used in writing, and the "loop tail," which is seen in type like newspapers, books, websites and more. The more common of the two is the loop tail "G," only two people could name "G" as a letter with two print forms (the other letter is "A" in case you were wondering) and only one person could write it. Some of the study participants even argued with researchers, telling them there was only one version of the "G." Later on they had participants read paragraphs that included the loop tail "G" and still, only half even attempted to write the loop tail "G." The last part of the study had them look at four versions of the loop tail "G" and only seven could correctly draw it even after reading it.

After reading about the study, Lisa decided to see if the morning show members would be able to identify and draw the two versions of the lowercase print letter "G." Check out the video above to see which members of the morning show could identify the two versions of "G," and even which could identify the two lowercase print versions of the letter "A." The results were shocking, and even though she found the study, Lisa had trouble writing the two versions of "G," even after reading about the study! Try for yourself ad see how successful you would be.

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