Mark Hoppus saw A Quiet Place and wanted to know about all the plot holes so he went to Twitter. And Twitter delivered. A Quiet Place is number one at the box office and the movie has made over $50 million dollars. The movie has had one of the biggest opening weekend for a horror movie flick and social media had tons of comments about how unusually quiet the audience stayed during the movie. Another thing that has been all over social media? All the inconsistencies and questions movie goers left with were also on social media and Hoppus proceeded to ask followers to start sending him plots holes and the tweets erupted from fans. His Twitter has been blowing up since last night with plenty of people writing in and giving him not only the plot holes but questions and even answers to some of the burning questions we have.


I haven't seen the movie yet but I am and all of these plot holes online have me even more interested in seeing the flick. Check out some of the questions Twitter users have below and check out the entire Twitter thread here.

I haven't seen this movie and now I feel like I need to so I can see if there really are this many plot holes in the flick. Also, I want to see how quiet the movie theater gets during the movie because the amount of people discussing how they now realize how loud they chew is fascinating to me.

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