Breaking Benjamin have released another metal-tinged track from their upcoming Ember album. “Save Yourself” brings the heavy tones and even some harsh vocals from the Pennsylvania rock band.

There’s been a ton of new material released by Breaking Benjamin in anticipation for Ember. BB have crushed it on cuts like “Red Cold River,” “Blood,” “Feed the Wolf” and “Psycho,” while revealing that Dancing With the Stars performer Derek Hough would appear on a track called “The Dark of You.”

“Save Yourself” starts with a bipolar back-and-forth of vocal styles. The harsh half of each measure sounds like a soft guttural with a clean vocal behind it, before Ben Burnley’s classic vocal tone completes the line. Fans are going nuts for the new track, just like every other piece of Ember released so far.

"People have always really liked the heavier side of the band. I think that's what they sort of gravitate towards. But we also make sure to explore our melodic and softer side too. On Ember we just tried to make it more extreme — the softer side on this album is really soft, and the heavy side is really heavy. We decided to give everybody what they want to the furthest degree," says Burnley.

Check out “Save Yourself” above and pre-order the new Breaking Benjamin album here. The band will embark on a co-headlining tour with Five Finger Death Punch this summer.

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