Last month, Lisa and Joanna put together a March Marvel Madness bracket. Instead of basketball teams, this bracket matched up sexy male actors who had appeared in movies and TV in what has become known widely as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To make a long story short, they f---ed up their own bracket.

Since neither of them are sports fans, we can forgive them for not knowing how to design a bracket (for instance, they had 1 seeds going up against 3s in the first round and a 16 vs. another 16 ALSO in the first round). What is absolutely stunning is they also screwed up the "picking out which actor is the hottest" part, too.  Seriously, girls? You have Bradley Cooper going down in the first round? To Paul Rudd? Those two hunks shouldn't have met up until at least the third round!

Fortunately, we're here to fix it all as we have the CORRECT version of March Marvel Madness.

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