This week Buzz joined me for The After Buzz and we talked about a few different topics:

  • Somehow we landed on "What's grosser than gross" during the show and it got brought back up again on The After Buzz. Basically the point is to come up with something gross, and then come up with something grosser:
    • "What's grosser than gross?"
    • "A pile of dead babies."
    • "What's grosser than that?"
    • "A pile of dead babies with a live on in the middle of the pile."
    • "What's grosser than that?"
    • "The live baby eating it's way out."
  • Another topic that was brought up during the show was people wanting to fired over text message as opposed to in person. And this kind of happened to me. I was fired from my internship over AOL instant messenger. Yup, it really happened. So I give the whole story.
  • And finally, in the chat someone asked about how Buzz and I ended up in El Paso at KLAQ, so we answer that question.

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