The Wonderlic test is given to NFL prospects during the tryout period known as "combine".  The NFL combine is going on right now and we though it would be interesting to see how Buzz Adams would fare on the test.

Every player at the scouting combine is required to take the Wonderlic and, though the years, there have been some legendary scores. Legendarily LOW scores that is.  The test consists of 50 questions that have to be answered in 12 minutes. A score of "20" is considered average. Just for comparison sake, the average score for a janitor is 14 and a 17 is considered average for a security guard.
Wonderlic legend has it that former Texas Longhorn Quarterback Vince Young scored a 6. A 6 out of 50.  In fairness, some of the extreme lower scores could be explained by a player just "blowing off the test", becoming frustrated and quitting or maybe some of them could have cognitive issues such as dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder. But a 6?? Come's a multiple choice quiz. You could just guess at every question and get at least a 10.

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