If you're a Grammy award winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer known as the most influential musician of all time, getting an F in music in high school sucks.

Brian Wilson is the co-founder of the Beach Boys, one of the most influential rock groups of all time. Wilson is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer and a musician who plays multiple instruments. He's known and credited as the first pop artist to "write, produce, perform and arrange his own material with Surfer Girl in 1963." When you are held to such a high regard for your accomplishments and talents, it's hard to imagine that as a teenager, Wilson's music teacher in high school didn't see his talent at a young age. In fact, he actually gave him an F for a song he submitted to his music class. That song "Surfin'" went on to earn the Beach Boys their first #1 hit a few years later, making the group a million dollars.

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