Most people would think I could sympathize with this poor gentleman. I'm bald. But I've been selectively bald for almost 20 years now. Now sure, I bet if I were to try to grow my hair out, it would be significantly thinner than it was when I was in high school, but still. I'm okay with being bald. I actually prefer it.

But this poor guy. All he's looking to do it get through this game without having to kick an unruly parent out of the arena. Seriously, is there anything less gratifying than being an official in a high school basketball game? Maybe middle school age sports. That awkward age when the parents and kids take the game way to damn seriously. Every kid thinks they're headed to the big leagues and every parent thinks so too. What's funny is chances are the kids that are good at that age are the ones who hit their growth spurt early, and everyone else will eventually catch up to them.

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