Buzz and Stuttering John decided to serenade a lucky audience with their musical chops at Duets in El Paso. Check out the videos here.

This past weekend, Buzz and Stuttering John from the Tonight Show and formerly of the Howard Stern Show was performing comedy shows at Bart Reed's Comic Strip over the weekend and had time to have a great time hanging out in the Sun City. One night, Stuttering John, Buzz Adams and Nico decided to head out for a night on the town, have a few drinks and great times.

The best part?

Buzz and Stuttering John decided to get together and give the great people over at Duets Karaoke bar a performance of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." You can check out their duet together here and John's solo song too. Let's just say they should stick to telling jokes for a living. They may be better at that.

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