Say what you want about the golden arches, McDonalds really knows how to give out deals.

I try to keep on top of all the great promotions but every now and again a few slip through the cracks.

McDonald's recently announced throwback Thursday deals that are bound to draw a crowd.

Going forward every Thursday, you can score many favorite menu items like cheeseburgers, shakes, and fries for under $0.35.

Those prices come from 1955. When they throw back, they REALLY out do themselves.

Download the app and keep up with the chain’s deals here.

Here is what you can look forward to for the next few weeks.

January 28: Get a small shake for 25 cents.

For comparison, a small shake is $2.19 right now.

February 4: Snag an apple pie for 20 cents.

For comparison, an apple pie is $1 if you got one today.

February 11: Enjoy a large fries for 35 cents.

For comparison, if you were to order a large fry right now it would be $1.89.

February 18: Buy a cheeseburger for 25 cents.

For comparison, you can get a cheeseburger for $1.

So basically every Thursday for the next few weeks or so, just expect an insane number of cars at the McDonalds drive thru because these prices are insane, do not ask how on earth they will be making money from this.

I mean, those 4 items together is barely $1, meanwhile if you were to buy all of them together right now, it would be about $6.

You can find the San Angelo McDonald's locations, here.

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