Today’s celebrity cleavage belongs to a 26 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.

She earned a musical scholarship to attend Florida A&M University, but eventually switched her major to Biology, and even toyed with becoming a nurse. It has been said that although she never quit singing, she did not want to major in music.

After she graduated college, she decided to make music her primary focus – touring in Asia for several months as a singer with a Memphis orchestra. Upon returning to Memphis, she took an office job, and then sales job after that, where she didn’t do much but sit around in a cubicle all day and sing.

Realizing the 9-to-5 office life was not for her, she created a MySpace page and within a week caught the attention of a production company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seeing an opportunity for her big break, she moved to Atlanta, but did not secure a record deal until two years later.