This 24-year-old is an actress and model who has graced both the TV screen as well as the silver screen.

Beginning her career at age 11 in the film ‘Sandman’ — which was directed by her father — this actress shocked us all when she played a doped up mom from Charlestown in a 2010 Ben Affleck written/directed movie. It was a huge stretch from the usual character we’re used to seeing her play on The CW… and we’re not complaining.

Just last year she was noticed around the Hollywood scene with supposed boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. Sadly, we’re told the couple didn’t work out. Hey, maybe we’ve got a shot now?

She has been ranked on lists such as Time Magazine’s 100 Influential People, AskMen’s Most Desirable Women of 2011 — where she was number 1 — and even on People Magazines 2012 list of Most Beautiful People of Every Age.

So, any guesses?