Look Sega, we're going to level with you here: posting a 15 minute video of a game that hasn't yet been confirmed for a Western release is a big ol' tease and we're sort of bitter about it. While we love watching videos of Yakuza Zero, they don't do us any good if the game isn't playable in our region. Help us out here, will you?

We see a lot of a young Kazuma Kiryu as he begins his life in the seedy underworld of the Yakuza. He has a lot of seemingly interesting conversations, gets into a lot of heated arguments, and even breaks a few faces in the 15 minutes we spend with him. There's even a Japanese launch date of March 12, 2015, letting Japanese players know when they'll be able to learn the backstory of the Yakuza hero. All of this is great and looks even better, we just wish we could understand what the heck was going on.

The Yakuza series is rather underrated, each game offering some great action and an intriguing story. We understand it hasn't really caught on here in the West, but that doesn't mean hardcore fans don't want to know how Kazuma got his start. A Western release would be very much appreciated, Sega, and we hope you'll listen to us.

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