"Mortal Kombat 11" is almost released and I. AM. EXCITED! Cue the "Mortal Kombat" song!

I LOVE "Mortal Kombat"! Some of my best memories are when I was little and I'd be playing "Mortal Kombat II" on my Sega Genesis. Although, looking back at it, I should not have been playing that game, it is hella graphic! I mean, the graphics back then weren't as advanced as today, but dang, it was still pretty bloody.

Well, "Mortal Kombat 11" has gotten some great reviews! I've preordered it so, on April 23rd don't contact me for a few hours because I will be busy, but also, send pizza. The news that they'll (probably) add Ash from The Evil Dead, Joker, Spawn and Terminator to their roster of guests only makes me more excited for the release of this game. The news could still be fake, but a '90s kid can dream!

In honor of the release of MKXI I've decided to make a list of five of my favorite Fatalities! Toasty!

  • 1

    Kung Lao's Body Slice

  • 2

    Scorpion's Spear Slice

  • 3

    All of the "Kiss of Death" Fatalities!

    From all The Ladies
  • 4

    Sub Zero's "Have an Ice Day"

  • 5

    Triborg's Death Machine


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