What would you do if the ATM starting talking to you?

Corpus Christi got quite the shock when they were called to a bank after a customer said she received a note from the machine. Understandably, police thought that this was a prank but still responded to a ATM at a Bank of America in Corpus Christi, Texas. Police told KRISTV a contractor was at the bank attempting to change a lock on an ATM inside a tiny room that is connected to the ATM. He left his cell phone in his truck while he was working and accidentally locked himself in the room. With no phone, he had no way of calling for help.

The man decided to write a note on a piece of receipt paper and shoved the note through the receipt slot, while attempting to talk to customers who came to use the ATM. Even though the man was stuck inside the ATM, customers were still able to use the ATM. Sadly, customers came and went with people thinking the note and voice were a prank. Finally, a woman took the note serious and called the police. The police arrived and called the man's supervisor, who helped the police with releasing his employee. Police say the situation was "crazy" but thankfully the man was okay after his ordeal.

Just, most likely, a little embarrassed.

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