The Twitterverse is weighing in on what the rules are everyone should follow when watching a live band. Here are ones we think should be the golden rules. As music lovers, you know one of the best things to experience is a live show. Nothing like seeing a great band rocking out in person and you can enjoy the music with other fans of the group. I've been known to travel out of town to see some of my favorite groups and I'll even go alone. When watching a concert, I've also seen some questionable activities happening during a set so this Twitter feed is right up my alley. A UK radio host asked her followers what were some of the golden rules they had while attending a "gig," also known as the British way of saying concert.

Her rules were simple and to the point, and I agree with them. So many people attend shows and then spend the entire time looking at their phone to try and get a video of the songs. Let's be honest, you're never going to watch those videos, plus they sound terrible. It's a waste of time. After checking out the Twitter feed, I felt there are some great rules that should be addressed, and not just about taking videos. Here are some other great tweets of people's opinions on concert etiquette:

Are there any rules that you have too? One Twitter user really hit it on the head for me when discussing what types of concerts have the worst people breaking concert etiquette rules:

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