Business Insider thinks it knows Texas. Well, actually, they think they know all the states so well that they've compiled a list of each states favorite snacks. First of all, I want to know where I could have applied for that job because that's something I think I could be good at. Second of all, how exactly was this study executed- did they just go to each state and eat their way through it? And lastly, this list just made me hungry.

Anyway, the official snack of the state of Texas is: tortilla chips and salsa. That's right, tostadas and salsa. Honestly? I'm not disagreeing with it. Lots of times, depending on the restaurant, you automatically get plate of chips and salsa to start. It's a staple in many Tex-Mex restaurants- it's also how I rate a restaurant, if their tostadas and salsa are garbage I'm already not a fan.

According to Business Insider, a resolution in the Texas House of Representatives was passed making it official noting: “Like the square dance, the guitar, and the rodeo, tortilla chips and salsa are deeply rooted in Texas tradition." Do you agree? Do you think any other snack could have been considered the best in Texas? Let us know!

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