We sent comedian Nico Adjemian down to the big Mardi Gras party last night. We wanted to try out a new company called Drip Drive. They do mobile on-site I.V. treatment to people and one of their services is for hungover-Americans.

So, Nico's instructions were to get as thoroughly hammered as possible, record himself doing it and not drive. Oh, and also to avoid killing himself if at all possible.

The results of the Drip Drive I.V. treatment were remarkable. Nico went from boozy to merely woozy in the 30 minutes it took to complete the treatment. Check out Drip Drive and tell them we said HI!

Quick warning before you watch the video: The following video contains adult language, boobs and wildly irresponsible drinking by a young Armenian man. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

UPDATE: Here's an even longer version that gives you a better idea of just how much Nico slammed back during Mardi Gras:

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