It's finally Oscar's day and I am super excited. As a cinema lover, this is the day I get to root for my favorite movies and directors. I make sure to make an event out of it, and I'm sure plenty of others will too! If you're planning on having a get together then you know the importance of having great food. This year, why not make food inspired by some of your favorite Oscar nominated films?

YouTuber star Andrew Rea runs the channel "Binging with Babish" where he recreates dishes from some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Some of my favorite include a burger from "Bob's Burgers" and the spaghetti tacos from "iCarly." Since it is Oscar season, it was only fitting that he recreate some dishes from this year's Best Picture Nominees. He recreated the macaroni & cheese Brad Pitt's character, Cliff Burton, made in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and he also recreated the chili dogs from The Irishman.

Here's hoping he'll recreate the ramen from Parasite!

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