Nope, Hell hasn't frozen over, but there're certainly some unbelievable things occurring when it comes to psychedelic and marijuana reform.

According to a report from Marijuana Moment, former Governor of Texas and U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is now an advocate for psychedelic research.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

To say I'm shocked is a complete understatement. Believe me: if I was drinking coffee, I would've spit it out for sure.

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Where's the Catch?

Things can't be just cut and dry, right? Of course not, because Gov. Perry isn't advocating for psychedelic use across the board, but specifically for veterans.

Eyes Wide Open

For years, the scientific community and advocates for drug reform have been trying to explain that psychedelics and marijuana have medicinal value.

It was only recently, when Gov. Perry met a young military veteran who suffers from PTSD, that he realized that there has to be something more than can provide relief.

The answer had always been right in front of him, but until he fully opened his eyes, Gov. Perry just couldn't see it.

"If you would have told me five years ago that Rick Perry, knuckle-dragging, right wing Republican governor of Texas, was going to be in the same sentence with the word ‘psychedelics,’ I would have bet you the farm, baby,” the former governor said.



A Long Road Ahead

While drug reform advocates now have a new all-star member, that doesn't mean making changes will be easy. There're still plenty of other stubborn leaders out there who haven't heard or seen the positive effects of psychedelics.

“If we’re going to win this battle—if we’re going to get the federal government to basically say it’s okay to have these compounds available for the treatment of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, the anxiety, the depression, those things that that we know occur out there—we’re going to have to have pressure on the VA,” he said.

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